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Сonfidence building martial arts & Judo classes in Brooklyn and Staten Island 5 to 65 years
Judo Sambo Center was founded in the year 1996. For the past 20 years, our students participated in many regional, national and international competitions. Many of them became champions of USA and winners of intercontinental tournaments. Three of our students were selected to be part of Team USA to compete at the Pan-American competition.

The club has an active roster of 150 students, with ages ranging from 5 to 65 years old. The groups and classes are broken down by age. The head trainer of our club, Felix Sverdlin, has the “5 Dan Black Belt” and holds the professional qualification of an International Coach.
Judo is an Olympic sport. But judo is not just simply a sport, its a lifestyle. Our students not only receive physical training but very intensive mental coaching.

Our trainees and their parents often meet at various parties, celebrate birthdays together and even go on vacations with one another. They become parts of the Judo Family!
Teenager's and adults
Judo Kids
Judo Woman
We're training
Judo is suitable for all ages. We invite prospective judokas aged 5 to 65 to join our groups.
Your kids will learn how to become independent and unique problem solvers.
Not only do we train technique but constant practice and drills help improve your physical health!
Independence and self control
Great health
Why judo
Judo is the path to strength and confidence. We will help you to gain confidence, discipline and a sense of unity with yourself.
Self defense skills are the of the utmost importance for our students.
Judo teaches to respect the sport, the dojo and the trainers around you. This carries over to a person’s personal life as well.
Self defense skills
Respect towards elders and friends
12 classes
12 classes
Prices are for a month of classes, classes are held 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, class time constant 6pm-7:30pm for Kids Ages 5-7
Prices are per month of classes, classes are held 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, class times are a constant 7:30-9pm for Teenager's and adults
Price per month
The first lesson is FREE!
The judo sports section is a great place for self-improvement. A great team of coaches, exciting training and the opportunity to develop as an athlete and a person
Farrel Gulierm
I have been practicing here for three years now and I have no regrets. I have gained confidence, discipline and new skills thanks to judo.
Sarah Lewin
The judo section not only teaches self-defense techniques, but also builds character. Here I not only learned how to use techniques, but also made great friends.
Samuel Willson
I learned to understand my body better and to control my movements. Judo classes gave me confidence and harmony.
Alex Larkins
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